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If you are one of the many people that put multiple ads on Craigslist every day you know that it takes a significant amount of time and when CL makes changes it only ads to more headaches of figuring out how to get around these modifications. One of the best ways to elimiate the time and worries is using a Craigslist Posting Tool to fully automate the entire process of free classified marketing. With various pieces of software on the market knowing which one to pick can be difficult though there are key features that you should be on the look out for to make sure that you are going with a winner.

Whether you are familiar with Craigslist it is one of the best places on the internet as a marketer to get out your message and be able to see large amounts of web traffic. By placing multiple ads each day in various high traffic cities customers will visit your web site or contact your business and they will convert. This is one of the best ways for businesses to grow with minimal cost spent on their internet marketing. With a Craigslist posting tool you can take your free classified advertising to the next level.

Craig Newmark creates a web community!

In 1995, not too long ago, a man by the name of Craig Newmark wanted an easy way to notify friends and co-workers about local events that were going on in San Francisco. As time went on people began asking for other categories where they could list items and service and hence was born. Since then it has expanded from a single city in the USA to over 500 cities across the world. Offering users the ability to search their site fiding items for sale, apartments, jobs, and various other categories.

Craigslist does not charge users to put ads on their sites except in the job categories in a few selected cities. All other categories are free to post in and they receive millions of new ads every month. With over 30 million unique users visiting their web site and growing, they are the number one free classified web site. People enjoy using Craigslist and each month they continue to grow adding more cities and categories to their community. .

The only Craigslist posting tool for automated marketing!

Now that the size and traffic has been explained you can begin to understand how a business can benefit using Craigslist to select cities and categories to market to and reach thousands of people daily. Though to do something like this a Craigslist posting tool is needed and their is only one that can handle the task, CLAD Genius. It is the most advanced product on the market for posting to free classified sites. CLAD Genius supports marketing to Craigslist, Backpage, and Kijiji the three biggest players in the game. You can create HTML or text based ads along with photo ads which appeal to a wider audience and get a better response or click through rate. These are some important features you will need for successful posting.

Other beneficial features that are included with CLAD Genius is that it creates Craigslist, Gmail, and Hotmail accounts knowing which ones to use for your postings. You can also import your own emails and CL phone verified accounts that you use for your marketing efforts. This can all be done from a easy to use interface that makes creating and managing your ads almost effortless.

One of the more impressive areas with the CLAD Genius software is as a Craigslist posting tool it is smart enough to completely randomize your ads so they appear unique with their titles and ad body. This is very important for Craigslist looks for duplicate ads and either ghosts them so they cannot be seen or bans them entirely from the site. They call this feature ad mutation and it can make or break your posting success. Along with the fact that it saves you an incredible amount of time since you only have to create a single ad and an unlimited number of variations will be created with the CLAD Genius software.

For the more advance marketers and Craigslist users, the software offers the ability to import ads and tokens from other auto posters, so you don't have to create your old ad campaigns again. Complete IP support, it can be used with dial up, private proxies, DSL, and all other solutions. Integrated captcha entry bypass so you don't have to type the Re-Captcha for each of your Craigslist ads. Automatic scheduler is built in allowing you to select the date and time you want your ad campaigns to be placed and how often. These features and many more turn this Craigslist posting tool into a true one click automated utility for marketing.

There isn't an easier way to increase your business or web site traffic and bring in more customers. Free classified marketing is well known from the internet pro's and all companies should be utilizing it to reach the right target audience and prosper. CLAD Genius is the tool to help you do this so don't get left in the dust while others are taking their business to the next level.


Craigslist Posting Tool Video

Watch the video to see the features of CLAD Genius and why it is the #1 Craigslist posting tool software available.

CLAD Genius Screenshots

With a simple interface CLAD Genius makes putting ads on free classified sites Craigslist and Backpage easy.

Craigslist Manual Post Example

Manually posting on Craigslist is a tedious task if you are posting multiple ads. Here is the complete process.

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